Approaches and methods in language teaching

This new edition is an extensive revision of this successful text. Like the first edition, the second edition surveys the major approaches and methods in language teaching, such as Grammar Translation. Audiolingualism. Communicative Language Teaching, and the Natural Approach. The text examines each approach and method in terms of its theory of language and language learning, goals, syllabus, teaching activities, teacher and learner roles, materials, and classroom techniques. In addition to the approaches and methods covered in the first edition, this edition contains new chapters on: • Whole Language • Multiple Intelligences • Neurolinguistic Programming • The Lexical Approach • Competency-Based Language Teaching • Cooperative Language Learning • Content-Based Instruction • Task-Based Language Teaching • The Post-Methods Era Teachers and teachers-in-training will discover that this second edition is a comprehensive survey and analysis of the major and minor teaching methods used around the world. The book seeks not only to clarify the assumptions behind these methods and their similarities and differences, but also to help teachers explore their own beliefs and practices in language teaching.

Approaches and methods in language teaching
Richards, Jack C. (1943- ).
Rodgers, Theodore Stephen.
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Cambridge [etc.]
Cambridge University Press
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ISBN 0-521-80365-9 hardback
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Języki obce studia i nauczanie; Nauczanie metody aktywne
Cambridge Language Teaching Library

Spis treści

  • Preface
  • Part I Major trends in twentieth-century language teaching
  • 1 A brief history of language teaching
  • 2 The nature of approaches and methods in language teaching
  • 3 The Oral Approach and Situational Language Teaching
  • 4 The Audiolingual Method
  • Part II Alternative approaches and methods
  • 5 Total Physical Response
  • 6 The Silent Way
  • 7 Community Language Learning
  • 8 Suggestopedia
  • 9 Whole Language
  • 10 Multiple Intelligences
  • 11 Neurolinguistic Programming
  • 12 The lexical approach
  • 13 Competency-Based Language Teaching
  • Part III Current communicative approaches
  • 14 Communicative Language Teaching
  • 15 The Natural Approach
  • 16 Cooperative Language Learning
  • 17 Content-Based Instruction
  • 18 Task-Based Language Teaching
  • 19 The post-methods era
  • Author index
  • Subject index
  • Subject index 2
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