Trait anxiety and social media fatigue: fear of missing out as a mediator


Background: Interdisciplinary literature indicates different correlates of social media fatigue (hereinafter: SMF). Some studies show that high levels of anxiety may induce lowered Internet use and lead social media users to withdraw from Internet activities. Since the relationship between anxiety and social media use is complex, it is important to investigate mediating factors that may indirectly contribute to or exacerbate this association. Therefore, the main aim of this study is to verify whether fear of missing out (hereinafter: FoMO) is a potential factor accounting for why anxiety is associated with SMF.
Participants, Methods and Data Collection: The research was conducted on a group of 264 adolescents and adults (85% women). The mean age of the respondents was M = 23.76 with SD = 5.98 (range = 14– 50 years). The data were collected via online social networking among college students, their family members and friends. The participants answered the Trait Anxiety Scale (TAS), Social Media Fatigue Scale (SMFS), Fear of Missing Out Scale (FoMO), and  Revised Life Orientation Test (LOT-R).
Results: The outcomes showed that respondents with higher levels of trait anxiety report more intense cognitive, behavioral, emotional, and overall online fatigue. Concurrently, individuals who experience  FoMO on the Internet declare being tired of social media use. Moreover, FoMO mediates the association between trait anxiety and all three dimensions of SMF, and its overall result.
Conclusion: The present research increases our understanding of the possible role of apprehension related to missing out on the anxiety and fatigue connected to engagement in social media. It is possible to assess that trait anxiety might induce higher SMF when individuals experience a general apprehension that others are doing or having things that they do not.

Trait anxiety and social media fatigue: fear of missing out as a mediator
Świątek Agata H. ORCID 0000-0003-4255-6704
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anxiety; social media fatigue; fear of missing out; adolescents; adults
Słowa kluczowe
lęk; zmęczenie mediami społecznościowymi; lęk przed pominięciem; nastolatkowie; dorośli
Szcześniak Małgorzata ORCID 0000-0002-6637-2304
Bielecka Grażyna
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DOI 10.2147/PRBM.S319379
Psychology Research and Behavior Management, 2021, vol. 14, s. 1499-1507
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Dziedzina nauk społecznych; Psychologia
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