Analiza, realizm i uniwersalia : dyskusje z P.F. Strawsonem


While working on the oeuvre of P.F. Strawson (1919–2006), and especially on his metaphysics, I had a unique opportunity to exchange ideas with this eminent exponent of Oxford philosophy. Those exchanges, of which some have been reflected in private correspondence and in a published reply to one of my papers, were focussed on various interpretative questions. Three threads of those discussions seem especially pertinent for grasping the gist of Strawson’s philosophy and its general orientation. The first one concerned the nature of philosophical analysis, or to be more precise, the connective model of it, favoured by Strawson, and its relationship with the idea of concept presupposition. The second thread had to do with the position taken by the Oxford philosopher in the realism debate on three levels: semantic, epistemological, and metaphysical. Strawson made every effort to take a realist stand in this debate and avoid antirealism in any of its forms; however, his realism is in many respects very moderate and not so distant from antirealism. Similarly moderate was his stand in the traditional debate about universals, constituting the topic of the third thread of the exchanges with Strawson. He claimed that universals exist, but at the same time emphasized that they are objects of pure thought alone and as such do not form a part of the spatiotemporal world in which we live. One cannot also say much about the relation of exemplification in virtue of which universals manifest themselves in the world as particular instances. Presentation and elaboration of these three threads has led to the conclusion that although Strawson was a deeply systematic thinker, he avoided wide-ranging and ambitious statements and radical views. In characteristically minimalist way he dispelled some questions, and the ultimate resolution of many crucial and fundamental issues were for him choice and taking a particular attitude or stance.

Analiza, realizm i uniwersalia : dyskusje z P.F. Strawsonem
Szubka Tadeusz ORCID 0000-0002-8560-2785
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analiza koneksyjna; platonizm; uniwersalia; minimalizm; antyrealizm; realizm; pojęcia podstawowe; presuponowanie; schemat pojęciowy; P.F. Strawson
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connective analysis; conceptual scheme; presupposition; basic concepts; realism; antirealism; minimalism; universals; Platonism
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DOI 10.24425/pfns.2019.130917
Przegląd Filozoficzny. Nowa Seria, 2019, r. 28 nr 4(112), s. 85-101
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Filozofia; Dziedzina nauk humanistycznych
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