Internet of things in marketing : bibliometric analysis


Systematization of scientific treatizes and approaches for investigating the issue of penetration of the Internet of Things into life indicates that the researchers have contributed significantly to enrich this theme of investigation. This paper summarizes the arguments and counterarguments within the scientific discussion on the issue of transforming the marketing processes under the rapid growth of the Internet of Things. The primary purpose of this study is to investigate the structure and dynamic of scientific publications devoted to the issues of IoT development from the marketing point of view. The research hypothesis is analysis background on investigating the problems in the relationship between the IoT and marketing is presented in the high-reliable database Scopus till 2020. The research object is the pool of scientific publications indexed in the Scopus database by the keywords «Internet of Things» and «Marketing». The search of publications was conducted in the article titles, abstracts and keywords. This study involved data from 2008 to 2020, published in different subject areas. The selected publications were visualized using the tools of software VOSviewer and Scopus. Thus, the bibliometric analysis of publications allowed demonstrating the publication activity dynamic, highlight the most impact articles and reliable journals, as well as to visualize the keyword co-occurrences in the papers and co-authorship between countries. The obtained results indicated the relevance of future investigations on financial and personal data cybersecurity, data governance, smart manufacturing, sustainable growth, augmented reality, artificial neural network, etc. The analysis of scientific collaboration allowed noticing the strong relationship between researchers from the USA, Hong Kong and EU countries; China, Japan, Malaysia Vietnam, Taiwan, Indonesia, etc.; South America and European countries and Israel; among the Post-Soviet countries, Australia and Thailand. Therefore, this study is expected to enhance the scientific contributions to investigating the marketing capacities from IoT development.

Internet of things in marketing : bibliometric analysis
Miśkiewicz Radosław ORCID 0000-0003-2370-4783
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artificial intelligence; big data; digital economy; cyber-physical systems; Industry 4.0; Internet of Things; knowledge economy
Słowa kluczowe
sztuczna inteligencja; gospodarka cyfrowa; systemy cyber-fizyczne; Przemysł 4.0; Internet Rzeczy; gospodarka oparta na wiedzy
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DOI 10.21272/mmi.2020.3-27
Marketing and Management of Innovations, 2020, iss. 3, pp. 371-381
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Nauki o zarządzaniu i jakości; Dziedzina nauk społecznych
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