The impact of Poland’s energy transition on the strategies of fossil fuel sector companies : the example of PKN Orlen group


Sustainability and decarbonisation are buzzwords in today’s economy. The fossil fuel sector has had a great impact on development of many countries and it is interesting how this sector is going to survive in the era of climate neutrality imposed by the European and national decarbonisation policies. PKN Orlen is one of the largest industrial corporations in Poland and Central Europe representing the energy and fossil fuel sector. The article sets out to identify the main areas of PKN Orlen’s strategic plans resulting from the energy transition process in Poland. For this reason, the research question posed in this study is: to what extent and in what direction has Poland’s energy policy influenced the new strategy of PKN Orlen? Poland’s most recent energy policy was adopted in 2021, therefore an attempt to assess the impact of this policy on the strategy of a large player in the fossil fuel sector in such a short time horizon proves the originality of the study. The applied methodological approach, including case study, comparative analysis, and in-depth interview, was determined by the specific nature of the research problem and the fact that the analyzed sector and entity are strategic from the point of view of the country’s economy, which imposes the confidentiality of some data related to the study and determines the possibility of making them public. As shown by the research, PEP2040 had an indirect impact on shaping the strategy of PKN Orlen, while the main source of knowledge about the current and future trends is the analysis, evaluation and synthesis of various sources of information, including those from consulting companies.

The impact of Poland’s energy transition on the strategies of fossil fuel sector companies : the example of PKN Orlen group
Wiśniewska Joanna ORCID 0000-0002-1607-8721
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strategy; energy policy; energy transition; fossil fuel sector; strategia; polityka energetyczna; sektor paliw kopalnych
Markiewicz Joanna ORCID 0000-0002-1419-3275
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DOI 10.3390/en14227474
Energies, 2021, vol. 14 iss. 22, [br. s.], 7474
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