Assessing the impact of the digital divide on Indian society : a study of sociale exclusion


The digital divide is an important issue in developing nations, especially during Covid-19 times. The notion of the digital divide gained prominence in the 1990s. The characterization of the idea of the digital divide has evolved with time and is currently recognized as “lack of knowledge, access or infrastructure.” It can be comprehended as a barrier for the general masses, par-ticularly in developing countries. Information and communication technology (ICT) now occupies a significant role in our lives (especially in Covid-19 times). India is known for its social diversity. However, some groups and categories of people have historically been excluded and continue to be excluded today. This study focuses on the assessment of the impact of the digital divide on Indian society, specifically on the phenomenon of social exclusion because of the digitalization of almost all aspects of our lives. The research gap observed is that the digital divide can have serious concerns for future growth since it impedes social mobility, creates impediments, and exacerbates social inaccessibility for disadvantaged groups. To obtain an adequate sample size, respondents are chosen using simple random sampling technique of probability sampling. Statistical techniques such as validity and reliability analysis, T-test, ANOVA, and correlation-regression are used to present quantitative data. The study’s expected outcome will be to provide a vigilant roadmap for policymakers and public institutions to strengthen nationhood among the masses while promoting social inclusion. Modern Indian society should strive for inclusion, and there should be no discrimination in terms of digital accessibility, which could paralyze the developing nation.

Assessing the impact of the digital divide on Indian society : a study of sociale exclusion
Singh Swapnil
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digital divide; digital discrimination; digital literacy; social exclusion; social inclusion
Słowa kluczowe
przepaść cyfrowa; dyskryminacja cyfrowa; umiejętności cyfrowe; wykluczenie społeczne; włączenie społeczne
Singh Guru Ashish
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DOI 10.2478/rsc-2021-0018
Research in Social Change, 2022, vol. 13 issue 1, pp. 181 - 190
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Nauki socjologiczne; Dziedzina nauk społecznych
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Data udostępnienia6 mar 2023, 10:40:15
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