Problematic smartphone use and social media fatigue : the mediating role of self-control


Background: Excessive social media consumption leads to addiction and affects mental health. It is a phenomenon that is difficult to avoid. Previous research on the effects of excessive Internet use shows that people who engage in social media (SM) without restraint experience over-involvement, over-disclosure, technostress, and social media fatigue (SMF). SMF, conceptualized as an emotional and cognitive feeling of being overwhelmed, manifests itself in mindless browsing of content, limiting the amount of time spent on SM, or quitting SM altogether. Self-control, although present in the technology addiction literature and psychology research, has been rarely described in relation to both excessive SM use and SMF. Therefore, the main goal of the present study was to verify whether there is a direct relationship between problematic smartphone use and SMF, and whether this association is mediated by self-control.

Methods: The study included 210 respondents (M = 25.85, SD = 9.84) living in different Polish cities. The survey was conducted online, and the respondents consented to participate in the study. They completed the following measures: the Mobile Phone Problematic Use, the Self-Control Scale, the Social Media Fatigue Scale, and a brief questionnaire with socio-demographic data.

Results: Statistical analysis was performed to verify the relationship between problematic mobile phone use, level of self-control, and SMF. The outcomes indicate that there are significant interrelationships between the three studied variables. The association between problematic smartphone use and SMF is mediated by self-control.

Conclusion: A lack of impulse-inhibition skills, such as compulsive checking of notifications, can be a significant factor in SM exhaustion, fatigue, or frustration. SMF can also be understood as a natural defensive response, triggered in situations where individuals are overwhelmed, when the self-control is insufficient to stop the compulsion to use SM, and the use of a smartphone for this purpose is excessively engaging.

Problematic smartphone use and social media fatigue : the mediating role of self-control
Świątek Agata Hiacynta ORCID 0000-0003-4255-6704
Słowa kluczowe
social media fatigue; social media burnout; problematic phone use; self-control
Słowa kluczowe
zmęczenie mediami społecznościowymi; wypalenie mediami społecznościowymi; problematyczne używanie telefonu; samokontrola
Szcześniak Małgorzata ORCID 0000-0002-6637-2304
Aleksandrowicz Blanka
Zaczkowska Daria
Wawer Weronika
Ścisłowska Małgorzata
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DOI 10.2147/PRBM.S389806
Psychology Research and Behavior Management, 2023, vol. 16, p. 211-222
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Psychologia; Dziedzina nauk społecznych
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