Fluoride as a potential repressor of glycogen metabolism in skeletal muscle cell line CCL136


The exposure of humans to fluorine is connected with its presence in the air, food and water. It is well known that fluorides even at a low concentration but with long time exposure accumulate in the body and lead to numerous metabolic disorders. Fluoride is recognised as a factor modulating the energy metabolism of cells. This interaction is of particular importance in muscle cells, which are cells with high metabolic activity related to the metabolism of glucose and glycogen. In someone suffering from chronic fluoride poisoning, frequent symptoms are chronic fatigue not relieved by extra sleep or rest, muscular weakness, muscle spasms, involuntary twitching. The aim of this study was to examine the effect of fluorine at concentrations determined in blood of people environmentally exposed to fluorides on activity and expression of enzymes taking part in metabolism of muscle glycogen. CCL136 cells were cultured under standard conditions with the addition of NaF. The amount of ATP produced by the cells was determined using the HPLC method, the amount and expression of genes responsible for glycogen metabolism using WB and RT PCR methods and the amount of glycogen in cells using the fluorimetric and PAS methods. It has been shown that in CCL136 cells exposed to 1, 3 and 10 μM NaF there is a change in the energy state and expression pattern of enzymes involved in the synthesis and breakdown of glycogen. It was observed that NaF caused a decrease in ATP content in CCL136 cells. Fluoride exposure also increased glycogen deposition. These changes were accompanied by a decrease in gene expression and the level of enzymatic proteins related to glycogen metabolism: glycogen synthase, glycogen synthase kinase and glycogen phosphorylase. The results obtained shed new light on the molecular mechanisms by which fluoride acts as an environmental toxin.

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