Działalność naukowa profesora Edwarda Włodarczyka w świetle publikacji autorskich (1973–2020) : kontekst ilościowy


The aim of this article is to present the scholarly activities of Professor Edward Włodarczyk (1946–2021), a renowned expert in Pomeranian history and culture, historian of the economic history and maritime policy of Prussia, on the example of 159 selected academic publications. They have been subjected to analysis by the use of selected methods of descriptive statistics and social network analysis (SNA). The attributes of bibliographic items have been examined and the links between them visualized with the use of Gephi software. The results of the research have been used to briefly present the scholarly profile of E. Włodarczyk; they also serve the organisational purpose. A catalogue of key words (phrases) has been compiled, and the characteristic features of publications, complete with their numerical development over time, publication strategies, and main and side research directions have been established. The research shows that the scholarly and publishing activity of E. Włodarczyk was subject to certain changes over time. The most intense scholarly activity occurred in the 1990s, which was accompanied by a change in the manner of publishing. The professor’s scholarly activities centred on Szczecin, Western Pomerania and the Baltic provinces of Prussia. For this reason, E. Włodarczyk preferred particular journals, and also cared about communicating research findings in German and English (17.6%). The majority of his papers concerned the economic development of sectors and branches of the economy and were related to the second half of the 19th century (until 1918), yet over time they lost in quantitative terms and importance in favour of the papers that dealt with maritime policy, regionalism, urban history, and other issues. 

Działalność naukowa profesora Edwarda Włodarczyka w świetle publikacji autorskich (1973–2020) : kontekst ilościowy
The scholarly activity of professor Edward Włodarczyk in the light of academic publications (1973–2020) : quantitative context
Chojecki Dariusz ORCID 0000-0002-6071-7033
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Edward Włodarczyk; nineteenth century; Prussia; Pomerania; SNA; statistics; historiography; academic publications; historian; twentieth century
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DOI 10.15762/ZH.2022.05
Zapiski Historyczne, 2022, t. 87 z. 1, s. 107-132
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