Byt ludzki w kontekście współczesnego sporu o rozumienie natury i kultury człowieka


Modern dispute about the understanding of culture and nature is rich in tradition and dates back to ancient Greek sophists. However, in the modern era we observe a radicalization of positions. This is caused by superficial understanding of both the nature and culture, what matters is the narrow empiricism or extreme idealism. In addition, there is the absence of a human problem in this dispute, which is supported by anthropology practiced today within the framework of specialized and narrow detailed disciplines without the possibility of synthesis. An off er to solve this dispute, having sometimes the nature of the conflict, is a subjective nature of culture, allowing to reconcile man’s relationship with nature and everything that cannot be brought only to this dimension. The best evidence of this solution proves to be a Christian personalism, which does not overlook any of the essential dimensions of human existence. Besides the complex structure of the human being - what best describes the concept of a person – it applies both to the material and the spiritual world, providing thus a foundation in resolving the dispute over the understanding of culture and human nature. The ultimate criterion remains the event of the Incarnation, which is appropriate to claim an objective criterion of reality - “I am the truth” (Jn 14,6), shedding light on the human understanding; his secret and mystery. The value of culture is evaluated from the point of view of the objective truth, which also remains a key reference within the meaning of nature and its relationship to human activity.

Byt ludzki w kontekście współczesnego sporu o rozumienie natury i kultury człowieka
Sienkiewicz Edward ORCID 0000-0002-6711-9933
Słowa kluczowe
nature; culture; truth; man; person; mystery; naturalism; idealism; personalism; anthropocentrism; biological reductionism; post-modernism; civilization; species; identity
Słowa kluczowe
natura; kultura; prawda; człowiek; osoba; tajemnica; naturalizm; idealizm; personalizm; antropocentryzm; biologiczny redukcjonizm; postmodernizm; cywilizacja; gatunek; przyroda; tożsamość
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DOI 10.15290/std.2015.01.14
Studia Teologii Dogmatycznej, 2015, t. 1, s. 236-256
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